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Our training at Century QSM Academy will equip you and your employees with the knowledge and skills required to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of quality and safety in your organization.

Century Quality System and Management,
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What We Do


Century Quality and System Management Academy company was established to help people in the industries develop themselves in the area of Quality And Safety Management.


We train individuals, groups, and businesses in the area of Quality System Management. We strongly believe that by doing this, we will contribute immensely to the personal development of Nigerians, Quality Standards in Companies, and the overall socio-economic development of Nigeria.


At Century QSM, we do ISO Training (9001:2015, 22000:2018, 140001), Quality operations Management training, Consultancy services on QMS, SMS, Food safety, Group trainings on Food Safety for Fast Foods, Restaurants, Hotels, and FMCGs.


Our trainings are facilitated by professionals from multinationals within the industry who have had hands-on experience of how Quality and Safety matters are handled. Therefore, you are sure to leave our training equipped with knowledge of the best practices in Quality System Management.

Century QSM Training


Since we are based in Lagos, our reach has been limited (at 45% as seen above). Many people don’t know such trainings exist.


With the development of our website, we aim to reach more people all over Nigeria. Tell a friend to tell a friend about Century Quality and System Management Academy

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Coming Soon

Quality Management Bootcamp

4 Saturdays to cover the following:

First Sat: June 15th

Quality Operations Management - Incoming inspection, Traceability, Pest Control, Customer complaints handling.

How to write a Standard Operating Procedure.

Second Sat: June 22

RCFA - Root Cause and Failure Analyses. How to carry out validation for a new line - Installation, Operational and Performance qualification.

How to write a process flow chart.

Third Sat: June 29

22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems.

Fourth Sat: July 6

Internal Audit Training on ISO22000:2018